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Anhui Towin Machinery Co., Ltd 

Add:B-122,No38,Yinhu North Road,


Tel: 0086-553-8295880   

Fax: 0086-553-8295880

E-mail: paper@www.iirimh.com,


Hydraulic Headbox

Hydraulic Headbox

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We can supply Hydraulic Headbox for machine speed 350-1500 m/min and Air Cushion Headbox for machine speed 160-500 m/min with full width up to 8500mm.

Hydraulic Headbox

· Use changeable inserter turbulent generator to provide better uniformity.

· It suits to higher operating speed range (350-1500m/min. Designed on requirements)

· Use intelligent dilution water control system which can obtains superior CD basis weight profile.

· Reliable and easy to operate and maintain.

· Use pulse attenuator which can decay the pulse in feed stock largely.

· Uniform fiber-orientation.


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