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Recommended Products
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Anhui Towin Machinery Co., Ltd 

Add:B-122,No38,Yinhu North Road,


Tel: 0086-553-8295880   

Fax: 0086-553-8295880

E-mail: paper@www.iirimh.com,


Nonwoven Ind.

  • Spunbond, Melt blown and Thermal bond

    Spunbond, Melt blown and Thermal bond

    Our BELT NISMT Series can be manufactured with design single layer to 2.5 layer which was used from spunlaid technology to the airlaid manufacturing process. An incorporated conductive warp or weft yarns provides excellent static electricity dissipation. The b...


  • Spunlace


    Our BELT NISL Series are manufactured using special yarns which provide superior contamination resistance and reduced web picking with the benefits high fiber support, excellent web uniformity, low bleed and excellent resistance to contamination. Technical Par...


  • Airlaid


    Our BELT NIAL Series have an outstanding range of belts, each specifically designed to produce top quality webs, from robust industrial, to highly critical medical and hygiene applications. The range for spunlaid technology is completed by designs for carding ...


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