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Anhui Towin Machinery Co., Ltd 

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Industrial Fabrics

Industrial Fabrics

Industrial Fabrics also consists of solution-focused, custom-designed fabrics and belts. These products are also utilized in process industries outside of papermaking such as nonwovens, corrugators, building products, tannery and textile industries. Its production rates and overall cost of operation.


Filter Belt

Our filter belt products been divided into four series: Sludge dewatering filter belt, Vacuum filter belt, Paper-making dry filter belt, Refined filter belt. The products are widely applied in Belt press filter, Horizontal vacuum belt filter, the department that dries paper machine, the board frame type filter, disc type filter, transfer to the drum filter, press such separation equipment of firm liquid as the straining machine, etc..
According to different industries and different filter have different request on filter belt, our products which made of high viscosity PET, PP, PA, and the monofilament material are produced through different weaving pattern, heat-setting(or calendaring).The advantages as follows:

1. Under safe using temperature and subject to a certain tensile strength, the filter belt still have good shape stability.

2. Good chemical stability: using different material which acidproof, alkaliproof, anti-corrosion and is able to bear the high temperature.

3. Having strong anti-tensile strength and anti-abrasion, it made the product have long life-span.

4. Meeting different requirements of different filtration(2-100um).

5. It is easy to strip.

6. Having strong strength in seam area, for been made of good material and through advanced craft. So the life-span of our filter belt approach those from foreign countries, and can substitute for the import goods entirely.

Our filter belt been widely applied in follow fields:
Sludge Dewatering, supporting to belt press filter, and widely used in municipal wastewater treatment plan, Power Station, Steel Plant, Paper-making, Mining, Metallurgy, Petroleum, Chemical, Textile printing and dyeing, Food, Medicine, Ceramics and other industries. Apply to filtering the flue gas desulfurization of power plant, and electroplating waste water. Now, our products widely applied in many power stations which belong to the five major power group. The craft filtration of large-scale industrial production: supporting to kinds filter, then widely applied in tailings, coal washing, paper cleaning grouting, alumina, phosphate, potash, juice press, medicine, filtering, drying sterilization of food, citric acid, filters, cornstarch, vegetable oil production, sludge drying and filtration industries.


Belt for Nonwoven Industry

ATMC has successfully supplied a wide variety of uniquely designed products specifically for nonwoven applications.  Belt for Nonwoven Industry, with its fine surface smoothness, high tensile strength, good permeability, optional anti-static characteristic, good wear resistance and well use life, is widely applied in lapping, forming and drying of different nonwoven cloth production lines. ATMC will provide excellent belt products for various nonwoven cloth processes.


Stainless Steel Wire (SSW)

SSW are simple in construction and specially used mainly for cylinder mould machines and dandy roll cover. Metallic wire mesh consists of stainless steel mesh and phosphor bronze wire mesh. Plain weave are common design and are used in cylinder mould machines and varieties of board manufacturing. 

These high quality stainless wire mesh products feature precise apertures in wide roll widths. Metallic wire mesh have a greater dimensional stability, better performing filter, being easier to clean and offering improved strength.


PTFE Coated Conveyor Belt

PTFE Coated Conveyor Belts are used in a variety of applications where materials are handled in a high heat environment -- from screen print dryers used in the textile industry to extruded rubber products used in the automobile industry. Belts are designed for top performance and durability in high-heat environments.


Corrugator Belt

Corrugator belts have been specially developed for the transport of board and optimisation of the drying process. It resists the stress continuously and achieve as long a life as possible. The special weave structure guarantees correct gluing and fast drying of the board. The use of high quality PET-fibres enables the belt to shed very rapidly the moisture absorbed during the drying process.

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