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Anhui Towin Machinery Co., Ltd 

Add:B-122,No38,Yinhu North Road,


Tel: 0086-553-8295880   

Fax: 0086-553-8295880

E-mail: paper@www.iirimh.com,



  • D Type Hydrapulper

    D Type Hydrapulper

    The D Type Hydrapulper increases hyhrapulper capacity by improving bale submergence. The large bales(typically of OCC and mixed waste furnishes) tend to float and spin in a round tub pulper, taking excessive time to wet out and submerge. The D tub design incre...


  • O Type Hydrapulper

    O Type Hydrapulper

    O Type Hydrapulper is used for breaking the pulp board and broke. It is more suitable for pulping OCC continually or in batch. It can discharge the heavy impurities from a separately settling box so as to protect equipment from damage by heavy partials, and al...


  • High Consistency Pulper

    High Consistency Pulper

    High Consistency Pulper is used for the breaking waste paper in high consistency. The rotor combines triple-flighted and dentiform fly bar and produces intense fiber to fiber friction, so it can speed up the defibering of the waste paper. High consistency hydr...


  • Drum Pulper

    Drum Pulper

    The Drum Pulper is used for breaking waste paper continuously, softly and coarse screening in high consistency. It can maximumly keep the physical property of the fiber. Whe it is used for processing deinking pulp, the chemical can be mixed fully and the ink p...


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