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Anhui Towin Machinery Co., Ltd 

Add:B-122,No38,Yinhu North Road,


Tel: 0086-553-8295880   

Fax: 0086-553-8295880

E-mail: paper@www.iirimh.com,


Pressure Screen

  • Inflow Pressure Screen

    Inflow Pressure Screen

    Inflow Pressure Screen is advanced paper pulp screening equipment in the modern world, which has great ability of screening function and low pulse. It is widely used in the fine screening of wood pulp, straw pulp and waste paper pulp, especially suitable as th...


  • Outflow Pressre Screen

    Outflow Pressre Screen

    The Outflow Pressure Screen is used for coarse screening and fine screening of chemical pulp, waste paper pulp etc. It is also used for fine screening before the paper machine. Buyers can achieve different screening effects with optional modes of Outflow Press...


  • Upflow Pressure Screen

    Upflow Pressure Screen

    Upflow Pressure Screen is not only used as the fine and coarse screen in the stock preparation process, but can also be applied in the screening before paper machine, provide with excellent work capacity and dependability. Its compact design and low pressure c...


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