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Anhui Towin Machinery Co., Ltd 

Add:B-122,No38,Yinhu North Road,


Tel: 0086-553-8295880   

Fax: 0086-553-8295880

E-mail: paper@www.iirimh.com,


Filter Belt

  • Three Shaft Twill Weave

    Three Shaft Twill Weave

    Filter fabrics with the three shaft twill weave have a very high dewatering ability and a higher wear resistance than fabrics with the plain weave. The benefits of are great drainage ability and very easy to clean. Examples of Application: Thickening of sludge...


  • PET-GG Series

    PET-GG Series

    ATMC provides a wide range of wire mesh solutions GG Series,XX Series, XXX Series, Silk Series and Special Series to Flour Mill. PET-GG Series: Plain weave, mono filament and double filament. Material including polyester and nylon(PA6 and PA66).Widely used in ...


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